Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Best Essays

Every student wants to showcase their talents by writing the best essays. Indeed it is the desire of all students to score high grades by writing excellent essays. Essays on my best friends are commonly issued out in elementary school and high school. These essays are easy to write because they are based on your own experiences. 
There are certain things that you should consider when writing essays on my best friends. 
  • How long you have known each other. It is important to share how you met with your best friends and whether or not you instantly became friends. You should also state for how long you have been friends.
  • Experiences you have shared. These should consist of the good and bad things that you have gone through together. The activities that you often engage in should also be highlighted in this section.
  • What makes your friendship unique? The ties that bind you together should be brought out clearly. Whether it is love, mutual interests or respect, you must show the aspects of your relationship that make you click and connect well.
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  • Challenges you have had as friends. Every relationship has its fair share of ups and downs when writing about your friendship it is best to write about such challenges in a positive manner. However refrain from exaggerating such experiences to make the tale juicier.
  • What you like and dislike about your best friends. There must be things that you love most about your best friends and then there are those little aspects that make you made at them. What are their strengths and weaknesses?
Writing essays about best friends may seem easy at first but if you are not truthful about your experiences then you will be unable to write my best essays. It is also worth pointing out that your best friend can be anyone you relate with extremely well. In as long as you feel like you can open up totally to that person, regardless of his age or background, which is your best friend.
There are people who consider their pets to be their best friends. If you are among this group then you should go ahead and write about this unique best friend. Do not limit yourself. Where you have trouble writing your essays about best friends you can always contact us and our experts will write for you customized my best essays ever that will fetch excellent grades. 

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