Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Best Narrative Essays

Sarafina trudged up the dusty footpath and wiped off her brow. The sweltering heat made it look like two suns were competing on who would produce the most heat. The sick thumping in her belly made everything worse. How could this have happened to her? In so many ways this was the worst day of her life.
She had just met with Mwisho at their favorite restaurant. This was supposed to elicit feelings of excitement and joy from the pits of her stomach. Instead, her head and shoulders stooped and looking at her one would think she bore the entire world’s burdens. Mwisho had broken up with her. He had said that she was just a village girl and since she had not gotten the letter from the Local University Council, he would not be able to date her.
Sarafina thought of all the promises they had made to each other while in school and tears danced in her eyes. How could Mwisho have forgotten that? Just because she had missed a chance at education meant their love was erased? A rickety bus zoomed by leaving the poor girl to choke in the dry dust.
“Next time ask him to pay bus fare!” A tout hanging precariously from the bus entrance screamed at her. Sarafina muttered under her breath as she looked at her white pants. Everything had conspired against her and she just wanted and she just wanted to get home and sleep.
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As she approached her father’s compound, she saw her younger brother run towards her.
“Not now, Tumsifu,” she said curtly. She was in no mood for games.
“Papa wants to see you.” Tumsifu said in disappointment.
“Whatever for? “ She asked in exasperation. “Tell him I’m a bit unwell. I cannot run errands right now.”
“Ah, my daughter. Don’t you want to read your scholarship letter?” a deep voice quipped from behind
“What scholarship, Papa?”  Sarafina asked in bewilderment.
“Some Canadians have decided to sponsor ten girls from the church for further studies abroad. Father Sylvester recommended you and I have a letter for you.”

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