Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Best Photo Essays

Many students struggle with essay writing assignments. Despite being the commonest task in the history of education, students still have a hard time grasping the different guidelines required to excel in this task. The best photo essays are easily achievable if a student can comprehend what is required of them. Some of the best essays 2011 also made for the best photo essays. Photo essays are meant to tell a story through the use of clear and strategically placed photos. The sequence in the photos should bring out the real events and stories to the fore and evoke certain emotions from the audience. Fortunately, any student can excel and write excellent photo essays. The following are some of the factors that you are supposed to consider when writing photo essays.
  • Topic. The first step in photo essays is to select the suitable topic for your essay. This topic can be on anything that interests you and that which can be photographed. It can be concerning a class project or a family going through a difficult time. It can also be about your pet or even a social event.
  • Research. Like all other essays photo essays also require one to carry out research. If you are doing a photo essay on a class project you must find out what the project is about and who are involved. Also of importance is why they chose the project and how they intend to undertake it. The team’s feelings about the project should also be brought out during research. It is also good to find out challenges and how they are overcome by the team.

(No matter what kind of essay you are to write, this guide will aide you through the process.)

  • Emotions. Photos are best used in bringing out emotions and a good story can be drawn by exploiting the aspect of emotions in any story. You must find out the emotions that the people in your story feel and take photographs to depict these. This should come out naturally and a good writer or photographer will not manipulate the emotions of those involved in the essays.  
  • Shots to be used. Choosing the shots to be used can be tricky. It takes practice for this to come more easily and many professionals have an easier time than amateurs. You can make a list of emotions and shots you need to capture then as you go through the project you will be able to capture this. Alternatively you can take as many photos as possible and select the ones that best tell the story.
  • Clarity. All your images must bring out the story as clearly as possible. There is no room for ambiguity so use a camera that will bring out your story well and choose your photos wisely.
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