Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Essays on Best Friends

I met Allen when we joined elementary school. We hated each other for no apparent reason. We used to compete for the top position in class and we always followed each other in ranks. Whenever I would come first he would come in second. Sometimes it was the other way round. We were always competing for the best position in all school activities. The teachers noticed this and they paired us up in almost all class activities.
At first it did not work well because we both felt smarter than the other. I used to call him Smart Allen and he referred to me as Miss-Know-It-All. Our arguments were always volatile. One time we were paired for a spelling bee competition and we almost lost to our
rival school. In the final round of preparation Allen came and told me we had to prepare together in order to make the strongest team. Suffice to say we won the last round by a huge margin. That is how our friendship hatched and from then on wards we were inseparable.
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We both got scholarships throughout high school and tied for the valedictory award in high school. Our friendship has had major setbacks. Since we are very close and tell each other everything most people confuse us for a couple. This has affected our dating lives immensely. Most of the people we date feel uncomfortable with our relationship and at some point Allen’s girlfriend gave him an ultimatum. He had to speak with me occasionally and for specific hours. Although they eventually broke up that was a tough period for both of us.
What I like about Allen is that I can be myself around him and he will always tell me the truth even if it is painful. Furthermore, I can count on him to be there for me through thick and thin. We also enjoy similar activities and I love his company.
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