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My Best Essays

Every student wants to showcase their talents by writing the best essays. Indeed it is the desire of all students to score high grades by writing excellent essays. Essays on my best friends are commonly issued out in elementary school and high school. These essays are easy to write because they are based on your own experiences. 
There are certain things that you should consider when writing essays on my best friends. 
  • How long you have known each other. It is important to share how you met with your best friends and whether or not you instantly became friends. You should also state for how long you have been friends.

Essays on Best Friends

I met Allen when we joined elementary school. We hated each other for no apparent reason. We used to compete for the top position in class and we always followed each other in ranks. Whenever I would come first he would come in second. Sometimes it was the other way round. We were always competing for the best position in all school activities. The teachers noticed this and they paired us up in almost all class activities.
At first it did not work well because we both felt smarter than the other. I used to call him Smart Allen and he referred to me as Miss-Know-It-All. Our arguments were always volatile. One time we were paired for a spelling bee competition and we almost lost to our

Best Website for Essays

Essay writing comes easily for some students. While such students enjoy the task, there are those who struggle and often detest it. Unfortunately, essay writing assignments cannot be escaped and every student must at one point write them. Ranging from the best travel essays to personal essays our best website for essays offers many samples of essays. You can read through such essays and find guidelines on how to go about your essays.
Students in need of the best travel essays and many other essays on unique topics must visit our website to find out more. We have the best website for essays and students can benefit largely from it. Through our website students will find:

Best Travel Essay sample

Hiking is one of the most exciting travel ventures that people engage in. in fact, many famous people try to hike through famous mountains at least once in their lifetimes. Being Africa’s highest point, Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania attracts large numbers of tourists from all over the world. Each one of them aims at reaching the Uhuru Peak which is 5,895m above sea level. Located in a town called Moshi, this mountain is the world’s largest table mountain and also the tallest free standing mountain on earth.
In order to get to Mt. Kilimanjaro most tourists use flights from Nairobi to the Kilimanjaro International Airport and drive down to Moshi. Alternatively, some tourists prefer to drive all the way from Nairobi via Arusha to Moshi. The roads are in good condition and it is thus possible to make this trip in less than a day. By public means this journey can take up to 7

Best Topics for Essays

Students occasionally have to write assignments in order to be assessed on particular topics. Choosing the best topics for essays is one of the toughest yet most important aspects of writing assignments.  However with right best books for essays students can easily choose the right topic for their assignment and excel in their studies. As a student you cannot just select the best topics for essays out of the blue. There are certain guidelines that should direct you and enable you choose a suitable topic for your essay.
Choosing essay topics
The following are guidelines that students can use to choose the best topics for essays.
  • Your interest as a learner. This should be your major guide. If a topic doesn't interest you chances are that you will not have enough psych to research and write on it. On the other hand if you select a topic that interests you it is easier to sacrifice your time and energy to come up with a brilliant paper.

Best Photo Essays

Many students struggle with essay writing assignments. Despite being the commonest task in the history of education, students still have a hard time grasping the different guidelines required to excel in this task. The best photo essays are easily achievable if a student can comprehend what is required of them. Some of the best essays 2011 also made for the best photo essays. Photo essays are meant to tell a story through the use of clear and strategically placed photos. The sequence in the photos should bring out the real events and stories to the fore and evoke certain emotions from the audience. Fortunately, any student can excel and write excellent photo essays. The following are some of the factors that you are supposed to consider when writing photo essays.
  • Topic. The first step in photo essays is to select the suitable topic for your essay. This topic can be on anything that interests you and that which can be photographed. It can

Best Narrative Essays

Sarafina trudged up the dusty footpath and wiped off her brow. The sweltering heat made it look like two suns were competing on who would produce the most heat. The sick thumping in her belly made everything worse. How could this have happened to her? In so many ways this was the worst day of her life.
She had just met with Mwisho at their favorite restaurant. This was supposed to elicit feelings of excitement and joy from the pits of her stomach. Instead, her head and shoulders stooped and looking at her one would think she bore the entire world’s burdens. Mwisho had broken up with her. He had said that she was just a village girl and since she had not gotten the letter from the Local University Council, he would not be able to date her.

Best Essays to Read

The question of abstinence has always elicited mixed reactions. There are many people who regard it as the best option for unmarried people while there are those that scorn at the prospect of remaining chaste. Society by and large has loosened its grip on this matter and women do not have to be virgins on their wedding nights as it was in the olden days. The question remains however, is chastity a feasible solution to sexually and psychologically related problems in the current society?
  • Merits of abstinence
Abstinence has many advantages. In fact people can easily avoid all the problems related to sex by abstaining from sex till marriage. For people who choose abstinence there are fewer problems with regard to STIs, unwanted pregnancies, emotional stress and anxiety. Sexually

Best Essays on Review

Any form of review focuses on giving a critical analysis of the work in question. Best essays on review may either analyse your work or another author’s work. The purpose of any review is to help the author become better in his/her work. Reviews are aimed at pointing areas of weaknesses that an author needs to address so he/she can write the best essay of all time in the near future.
How to undertake best essays review
The credibility of an essay review is purely based on objectivity. Any claim made on the works under review must be supported by evidence from the text or from reliable sources. When doing a review of your assignment or another person’s work, consider the following questions:
  1.  What one thing has the author done excellently?

Best Essays Ever Written

Prejudice has always been a question of individual perspective. Every person in the world has their own feelings, beliefs and values that influence their perception of issues, people and things. There is no one who can confess to being unprejudiced. Our actions are greatly determined by what we think of things, people and situations.  There are many types of prejudice and this can be formed on the basis of religion, race, class and even political stance.
  • Religion. This forms one of the major types of prejudice. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Shintoism, scientology and other types of religion will influence how one views people, situations and how they carry themselves. Sometimes people from different religious backgrounds tend to be hostile towards each other because of the principles and values taught in their religions.

Best Admission Essay- Australia

The end of high school marks the beginning of a new life. It is the desire of many students to join reputable institutions of higher learning. Australia is regarded as one of the countries with solid education systems and as such many students apply to colleges and universities there. Since admission is quite competitive you must write an admission essay in Australia in order to stand out from the crowd. The following are some tips for students who want to write the best common app essays.
  • Choose your essay carefully. Most universities will give you at least five essays to choose from. Bear in mind that all the essays are aimed at gauging your personality and as such you have to choose the essay you can write best. Do not look at the title or choose what seems hard. Instead choose the essay that you can write comfortably.

Best Essay Sample

Drugs and alcohol have been a debated issue for many years. Celebrities all over the world have been linked to drug and alcohol abuse. Their social circles have been constantly haunted by the abuse of drugs and alcohol. This has had diverse adverse effects on the celebrities in terms of careers, families and fans.
Effects of drugs and alcohol abuse
Many celebrities have had endless court battles with some even ending up in prison for possession and abuse of drugs. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Brittney Spears, Lil Wayne and most recently Buju Banton among others have had to answer charges for possession of drugs. Besides the emotional stress, for such celebrities these court sessions and jail terms are a hindrance to their career calendars as they have to be present for their court sessions and when sentenced they must remain in custody.

Best Essays Sample-2012

Communication is one of the key aspects of our society. Everything is based on communication. The varied forms through which human beings communicate have continued to evolve with time. With technology, major advancements have been made in the communication industry. The advent of social networks for instance has completely altered the world. Social networks have become part and parcel of entrepreneurship, politics and social life. With much ado about varied political issues all over the world, this paper seeks to discuss the role of the social media in politics.
  • The use of social networks in politics

Best Essays-Common Mistakes

Essay writing is part and parcel of college admission processes. However not every student is able to write impressively. Many students have thus failed to secure college admissions because of poor essay writing.  Our team therefore took the time to find out what the best essays of 2011 and 2012 entailed. Why were some students rated highly and others lowly?
Common mistakes in essay applications
Students fail in writing essays not because they are dumb but due to the many mistakes they make when writing essays. While most students have good ideas, the mistakes in essay writing always cost them their admissions. The following are some of the common mistakes that students make when writing college admission essays.

Tips To Writing The Best Essay

At least once in your academic life, you will have to write an essay, either in English or in another language. Whether required to write English essays about yourself or otherwise, you should try to write the best essay possible! The essays you write in class contribute to getting a satisfactory grade, and sharpening communication skills needed in and out of class?
So what steps should you follow in order to write best essay of all time?
Essay writing has basic rules applicable in every discipline and level of study. However, there are distinct characteristics that bring about the differences. For instance if you are writing essays about yourself, you are allowed to use first person. This is not acceptable when you are writing a cause and effect essay, exploratory essay or expository essay among other essay categories.

Best Application Essay Sample

I was born the first born in a family of seven. My childhood years were tough. My parents always struggled to provide my siblings and me. My father worked in a factory while my mother was a janitor. There were those times when we had to survive on food stamps and other charities. Despite their lowly situation my parents always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. They always showed their support for education and were interested in what I did with my time. I on the other hand, was constantly reminded to work hard by the impoverished state of our home.
Up until fifth grade I had not identified what I really wanted to do with my life. My grades were fine and I was still trying my hands at many things. One particular subject that took most of my time was art. I loved drawing and photos intrigued me. Everyone liked my

Best Books for Essays

Students often have a difficult time writing essays. Books for essays are meant to offer guidelines and provide research material for students to use during essay writing. Sometimes it is difficult to find the best website for essays that gives relevant and sufficient information on essay writing.
Choosing books for essays
There are several benefits that one can find in books for essays. They can give you a clear picture of what you need to do in order to come up with an excellent essay on a particular topic. You can read through sample essays and get guidelines on what the writers did to ensure they wrote excellent essays.