Tuesday, 6 November 2012

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The question of abstinence has always elicited mixed reactions. There are many people who regard it as the best option for unmarried people while there are those that scorn at the prospect of remaining chaste. Society by and large has loosened its grip on this matter and women do not have to be virgins on their wedding nights as it was in the olden days. The question remains however, is chastity a feasible solution to sexually and psychologically related problems in the current society?
  • Merits of abstinence
Abstinence has many advantages. In fact people can easily avoid all the problems related to sex by abstaining from sex till marriage. For people who choose abstinence there are fewer problems with regard to STIs, unwanted pregnancies, emotional stress and anxiety. Sexually
transmitted illnesses affect both men and women and have been the cause of death as far as HIV and AIDS is concerned. Women who are sexually active at an early age are also said to be more susceptible to cervical cancer. The emotional turmoil of breaking up in sexual relations is also higher as compared to platonic relationships. Abstinence thus reduces all the above problems.
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  • The demerits of abstinence
Many people who are against abstinence state that it stifles their lives and fun. Majority of the people who have sex before marriage feel that they cannot keep themselves for someone they are yet to see. Furthermore most young people today feel pressurized by trends and fashion. Sex before marriage has become the trend among the youth and those who abstain are scorned upon. When youth who are asked to abstain they feel like their freedom is curtailed and due to their experimental age they have to try out different things, among them sex. Sex has also become highly commercialized and there is a lot of exposure. This means that people are aware about sex at an early age.
  • Conclusion
Abstinence is a matter of choice. There are those people who can wait till marriage and there are those that shun the thought. Despite this, it is important for young people to be made aware of the dangers of sex before marriage and the merits of abstaining from this. In the wake of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, abstinence cannot be regarded as the bullet proof solution for sexually related problems. As much as youth are taught to abstain, room for choice must be exercised and the other side of the story dealt with. While laying emphasis on abstinence, sexual education must address the issues of contraceptives and supplementary methods of preventing HIV and AIDS.
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