Tuesday, 6 November 2012

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Drugs and alcohol have been a debated issue for many years. Celebrities all over the world have been linked to drug and alcohol abuse. Their social circles have been constantly haunted by the abuse of drugs and alcohol. This has had diverse adverse effects on the celebrities in terms of careers, families and fans.
Effects of drugs and alcohol abuse
Many celebrities have had endless court battles with some even ending up in prison for possession and abuse of drugs. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Brittney Spears, Lil Wayne and most recently Buju Banton among others have had to answer charges for possession of drugs. Besides the emotional stress, for such celebrities these court sessions and jail terms are a hindrance to their career calendars as they have to be present for their court sessions and when sentenced they must remain in custody.
There are yet other celebrities who have ruined their careers because of their involvement in drugs and alcohol. Most notably is Charlie Sheen of the famed comedy “Two and a Half Men” whose drug problem caused him to lose his job. But this is nothing compared to death by drug and alcohol problems.
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Famed stars such as Jimmie Hendrix, Michael Jackson and more recently Whitney Houston among others have broken the hearts of many fanatics because of their drug-related deaths. These are stars that were adored by millions but could not cope with their drug problems. In the end they die having led a frustrated and unhappy life due to the problem.
With this in mind, I seek to pursue a course in Drugs and Alcohol Management. I have worked with various celebrities and I manage their schedules and careers. Having seen many succumb to the pressures of drugs and alcohol abuse I feel the need to pursue a career in this area in order to help my clients to cope with celebrity hood and avoid this killer vice. I believe your college offers the best platform for me to pursue this career.
Knowledge gained from this course will enable me guide and counsel my clients. It will also help me detect drug and alcohol abuse as early as possible hence deal with the problem more effectively. I want to see celebrities lead a drug and alcohol problem free life because many youngsters look up to them. Besides, I will be happier if they achieve more from their lives because they work very hard and deserve to live happily.

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