Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Best Application Essay Sample

I was born the first born in a family of seven. My childhood years were tough. My parents always struggled to provide my siblings and me. My father worked in a factory while my mother was a janitor. There were those times when we had to survive on food stamps and other charities. Despite their lowly situation my parents always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. They always showed their support for education and were interested in what I did with my time. I on the other hand, was constantly reminded to work hard by the impoverished state of our home.
Up until fifth grade I had not identified what I really wanted to do with my life. My grades were fine and I was still trying my hands at many things. One particular subject that took most of my time was art. I loved drawing and photos intrigued me. Everyone liked my
pictures and sometimes my classmates would pay me to get their favorite cartoon or pop star drawn. My confusion about this talent stemmed from the fact that my father always hinted that he wanted me to pursue a more masculine career like engineering.
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My big break came when I entered a national art competition in which I came in second. Though the prize money was far less, the runners up was given free art lessons by various well known artists. These lessons included photography and painting classes and they changed my perception and dreams of becoming an artist in so many ways. I began a career in art after that and changed my family’s life. This helped to clear my father’s earlier reservations.
Art has paid my school fees and fed my family. I believe by studying art at college level I will be able to improve on my paintings and photography. I will move to another level of art and my career will flourish. I have been told by many that I have the talent but I am out to constantly improve myself by learning new things and techniques in this field. Your college being well known for the best art classes will provide an avenue for me to learn and excel in this career.

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