Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Best Essays on Review

Any form of review focuses on giving a critical analysis of the work in question. Best essays on review may either analyse your work or another author’s work. The purpose of any review is to help the author become better in his/her work. Reviews are aimed at pointing areas of weaknesses that an author needs to address so he/she can write the best essay of all time in the near future.
How to undertake best essays review
The credibility of an essay review is purely based on objectivity. Any claim made on the works under review must be supported by evidence from the text or from reliable sources. When doing a review of your assignment or another person’s work, consider the following questions:
  1.  What one thing has the author done excellently?
  2. Which one thing does the author need to improve?
  3. What is the main argument of the text?
  4. Is the main point debatable?
  5. Does the text go beyond the obvious?
  6. How clear is the thesis statement?
  7. What is the connection between the topic and the thesis statement?
  8. How strong is the evidence presented to support different points?
  9. How creative is the title?
  10. Are there linguistic errors?
  11. What would you recommend?
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Like best essay of all time, best essays on review must be written creatively and must follow the standard essay writing rules; it must be written in the recommended format and structure. A good review essay should have the following:
  • Introduction- it illustrates what the essay will investigate. For instance, the essay writer may choose to review the themes in the text, linguistic devices used or suitability of the topic. The introduction creates the context of your assignment. The thesis statement is also written in the introduction. The best essay of all time does not give too much information at the introduction.
  • Summary- it briefly states what the text you are investigating has covered. The summary should not cover more than 50% of the assignment for you to write best essays on review.
  • A critical discussion-analyse what the author has contributed to the discipline. Show how the author has advanced the debate through showing controversies and consistencies in the text. 
  • The conclusion of the text should illustrate whether the author has made a significant contribution or otherwise.

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