Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Best Essays Sample-2012

Communication is one of the key aspects of our society. Everything is based on communication. The varied forms through which human beings communicate have continued to evolve with time. With technology, major advancements have been made in the communication industry. The advent of social networks for instance has completely altered the world. Social networks have become part and parcel of entrepreneurship, politics and social life. With much ado about varied political issues all over the world, this paper seeks to discuss the role of the social media in politics.
  • The use of social networks in politics
Many Americans never imagined the prospects of a black president but the election of President Barrack Obama into the White House 2008 was largely fueled by social media. The incumbent exploited social media and used Facebook, twitter and other social networks to campaign for his presidency. This appealed to many young voters as they could easily follow his campaign trail. Other presidential hopefuls in both the US and different parts of the world have followed this precedent making social media highly popular within the political spheres.
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Besides the good, social media has also been used in not so peaceful political games. Notably, the Arab Spring would have been impossible without the use of social networks. From Tunisia to Egypt, Libya and even Syria the social networks were massively exploited in political warfare. The people who staged demonstrations against the governments in the Arab world used social media to state their opinions and influence their fellow countrymen. This has seen to the toppling of governments and power shifts that had never been envisioned.
  • Blessing or curse
Depending on the use social media can either create peace and war. Like any other tool it has its own advantages and disadvantages. This has led to countries like China and Bahrain to ban the social sites from their countries. You may view this as curtailment of freedom but in the wake of the volatile Arab Spring, governments have increasingly become wary of the curses of social media. This has led to such precautions. Either way social media can be a blessing to those who need to pass on a message to many people at once without using a lot of money and time.

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