Tuesday, 6 November 2012

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Prejudice has always been a question of individual perspective. Every person in the world has their own feelings, beliefs and values that influence their perception of issues, people and things. There is no one who can confess to being unprejudiced. Our actions are greatly determined by what we think of things, people and situations.  There are many types of prejudice and this can be formed on the basis of religion, race, class and even political stance.
  • Religion. This forms one of the major types of prejudice. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Shintoism, scientology and other types of religion will influence how one views people, situations and how they carry themselves. Sometimes people from different religious backgrounds tend to be hostile towards each other because of the principles and values taught in their religions.
  • Race. Color is always an issue and forms many prejudices amongst people. In some cases people have been discriminated because they were from what was considered a minority race.  This has formed the basis for provision of services and opportunities like jobs and education.

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  • Social class. When it comes to economic prowess people of certain classes are not able to mix. For instance the poor are unable to interact freely and at close levels with the rich. Socio economic status will thus influence the kinds of relationships people have.
  • Politics. In most countries people will take sides on which party to support. This often influences their perspectives in life. For example Democrats in the USA are considered more liberal.
There are many effects of prejudice in our lives. The way we treat people is one of the major effects of prejudice. We will in many cases closely interact with people from our own spheres, who share our values. Prejudice will also influence the people we marry and whom we choose to be friends with. Prejudice will also influence the leaders we elect into power. Psychologists say that people who are open minded are more likely to live longer and happier lives. Prejudice can either make or break us.
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