Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Best Essays-Common Mistakes

Essay writing is part and parcel of college admission processes. However not every student is able to write impressively. Many students have thus failed to secure college admissions because of poor essay writing.  Our team therefore took the time to find out what the best essays of 2011 and 2012 entailed. Why were some students rated highly and others lowly?
Common mistakes in essay applications
Students fail in writing essays not because they are dumb but due to the many mistakes they make when writing essays. While most students have good ideas, the mistakes in essay writing always cost them their admissions. The following are some of the common mistakes that students make when writing college admission essays.
  • Being predictable. College admission boards have read thousands of essays, most of which are predictable. Although many students lead diverse lives, they all face almost similar challenges. It is important to stand out by addressing common issues in a unique way.
  • Exaggeration. In a bid to stand out and write a unique essay many students exaggerate their achievements or problems. This is all aimed at impressing selection panels. At the end of the day, honesty is what is required of you. It does not matter that you come from a small town, what matters is that you tell the truth about your life in the small town and why you want an admission in a particular college.
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  • Submitting unedited work. Essay writing can be tedious and at the end of the exercise students avoid editing. They just want to submit the essay. However, editing makes all the difference in your college application. A good story with many grammatical errors will always raise the wrong questions.
  • Failing to infuse personality and passion in their essays. Selection boards use essays to gauge personalities and assess how a particular college will help a potential student achieve their dreams. You must talk about yourself in your essay and show how your dreams are achievable through a college education. Your personality and passion should be clearly brought out in your essay.
If you avoid all the above mistakes then you are assured of writing the best essays that will earn you a college admission. Our website has several samples of college application essays and tips that you can use to get this task right. You can also order your essay from our professional writers.